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It’s natural for our faces to change as we age. For many people, having a beauty routine that includes Botox helps keep their confidence and satisfaction with their appearance high as these shifts occur. Serving the Downey area and beyond, Stunning Wellness & Laser is among the trusted medical spas providing this treatment.

The first signs of aging

The skin becomes less elastic as we get older and collagen production decreases, which is what allows fine lines and wrinkles to form. Using cleansers and moisturizers will help preserve and maintain healthy-looking skin, but it won’t be able to stop the loss of volume and the development of creases that occur with age. 

One of the first areas where aging starts to show up is around the eyes. The crinkly lines known as “crow’s feet” can make you look tired and less vital, and the “eleven lines” that form between the eyebrows can become more pronounced. People commonly cite these areas as ones that cause them to feel self-conscious about aging.

How Botox works

Many people, some as young as their early 30s, use Botox as a way to care for their skin and keep it looking as bright, healthy, and smooth as possible. 

Botox treatment involves injecting the face with a purified bacterium that immobilizes the muscles responsible for creating wrinkles. It temporarily interrupts the nerve signals that cause the muscle contractions. 

After a Botox injection, these muscles are paralyzed, which creates a smoothed-out effect that minimizes the look of lines and creases. These results typically last for several months at a time.

Why you should consider including Botox in your beauty routine

Botox is a powerful way to keep your skin looking healthy and to maintain a youthful “glow.” It goes above and beyond what diet and lifestyle alone can provide in terms of enhancing appearance and boosting confidence. 

That being said, Botox produces the best outcomes when used in conjunction with a well-planned beauty and skin care regimen. For optimal results, consider including the following tips in your beauty routine:

  • Daily cleansing with a gentle facial cleanser
  • Removing makeup before bed 
  • Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet
  • Exercising regularly
  • Reducing stress 
  • Protecting your skin from exposure to the sun

Find out more

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